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Concentric + Maine - Shared screen with speaker view
Anne Strickland
Hi Betsy - are you asking if there is a way for staff to check their own competency?
Emily Poland
@Renee, I believe that for hand over hand assistance a non-nurse can be trained to do that. Parents could also assist for PreK kids at drop off.
Emily Poland
There isn't a minimum age for self swabbing so long as they are able to do it adequately.
Emily Poland
@Patricia-all supports from the vendor will be paid for by the state of Maine. There is no charge to the school even for extra support.
Anne Strickland
@Jean - yes 10-15 minutes for the full process including registering the tube number on the website. We've found a lot of school do this centrally - so each classroom will drop off their tube at a central registration site. And then the designee will register all the schools tests and pack them up for shipment together.
Jessica Taylor
Support team is very responsive now... how many schools are participating currently? And how will the response time potentially change when the # of participating schools goes up significantly next school year?
Emily Poland
@Meg a district can choose to try it in one school or one grade level as a way to phase it in and work through the process.
Emily Poland
@Kim all vaccinated people are encouraged to participate. A person who is in their 90-day period following a covid19 infection, they should not be part of the pool.
Gabrielle Wheeler
Do you quarantine the entire class when there is a positive?
Emily Poland
The quarantine/close contact determination is still being worked on by the Maine CDC. We do not have concrete answers.
Jean Cote
How to do we protect a student’s privacy if we test individual students when a positive is found in the pool and we do the follow up testing and we ID who the + student is.
Linda Cosgrove
What % positivity rate makes this statistically viable?
Gabrielle Wheeler
If the entire class does not participate I don’t know if I completely understand why you wouldn’t have the entire class then do a second test or quarantine those that dont
Jessica Taylor
??? Answer to privacy of POS student question above?
Emily Poland
Kids are absent for lots of reasons. We need to remind classes of this.
Katy Inman
Can we be sent educational materials for administrators and teachers to begin to build consensus?
Katy Inman
My concern is the kids who don’t add to the pool because they are within the 90 day post period.
Katy Inman
Their privacy.